Advantages of our Synthetic Grass Courts

  • True shot response, speed, bounce, spin, and slice
  • Optimal turn and foot release
  • Superior traction through vertical and dense fiber system
  • Eco-friendly backing
  • Easy installation & low maintenance
  • Eliminates cracking, peeling, spalling, and reflective cracks
  • Custom colors available, including two-tone construction
  • Sportline System (optional) – white lines tufted into the fibers
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XP Yarns

The highest quality fibers,
known to international soccer
and American football for extraordinary wear and feel, outperforming other fibers in
wear tests by 300%.

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Hi-Tech Fabric Backing

The dimensionally and thermally stable platform fabric, into which fibers are woven.

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Eco-Friendly Urethane Stitch Lock Coating

A soy-based coating that locks fibers into the turf backing, for better installation, stability, and longevity.

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Optional Rubico Green & French Red Infill

Natural aggregate for traction, foot control, game pacing, durability, minimal surface wear, and no surface glare.